Balstoff Digital - Mobile Hotel App
Balstoff Digital - Mobile Hotel App


In 2019 Tesipro Solutions launched the Ulyses Cloud Ulyses Cloud management platform, an innovative tool for the hotel industry, which automates processes, minimizes operating costs and increases direct bookings.

As an extension of the Ulyses Cloud platform, Tesipro Solutions commissioned us to develop Ulyses HSK, a Web App for use by floor staff. The App would have the functionality of connecting Housekeeping and Maintenance in real time with the Reception area. The main functions of the App include: distribution of rooms, management of floor tasks and maintenance, control of the evolution of tasks and control of rooms minibars.

Our work with Ulyses HSK focused on the design of the interface adapted to the existing visual system, following the UX guidelines provided by the client plus the development and programming of the Web App.

The work was carried out in several stages, with several review and validation instances were established. For development and programming we use the Ionic Framework with Typescript and several libraries (packages) to support the different functions of the Web App, such as Ionic storage for storage, ngx-translate for multi-language, date ns for dates and compodoc for documentation. The API access and consumption of the Ulyses Cloud platform was implemented in the Web App.

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