We are , your

SCALABLE Moodle Alternative.

We are, your scalable Moodle Alternative.

Bringing LMS solutions to fit your project needs

Our process is meant to adapt to your projects content types and technological requirements with a 3-stage “pay as you go” flexible model. Check our latest Moodle sample project
(coming soon):

Blastoff Digital - Moodle Service
Blastoff Digital - Moodle Service

Our 3 stage Service


Moodle setup

This first stage covers the fundamental tasks that are needed to manage your course content structure.


Course Editing  

In this stage we are ready to edit your course contents and considering the scale of your project we offer two options.


Post-launch support

After publishing your course we can also help you prevent issues and we have two options to manage issues for it.

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Moodle Setup Stage

✓  Moodle LMS database and software installation  ✓ Moodle campus theme of your choice ✓ Theme interface editing including:  Your logo – Interface colors – Fonts integration

✓ €1500 (tax not included)

Blastoff Digital-Design-Development-Moodle-Apps

Course Editing Stage

Small size course

– 4 content Items:

If your course content scope is limited

or you are planning on starting your project

in an scalable way then we advice the

following plan:

✓ Course creation access and

grading config

✓ Content uploads for item types

included in the price such us:

video, quiz, word or ppt

✓One language per course

✓ €350 (tax not included)

 From 5 to 49 content items 

(€350 + extra quoted content items)

Large size course 

– 50 content items:

If your course content scope is set to be large, with the following offer price brakes we can help  understand costs per content amounts:

✓ Course creation access and grading config

✓ Uploads of any content type over 50 content items such us: video, quiz, word, ppt

✓ One language per course

✓ This plan is segmented by basic item amount per price as follows:

– Video x1 €10

-Quiz x5 €20

-Word to Web-book x5 €30

-PPT to slides x5 €25

-Dual screen (video+slides on sync) x5 €50

✓ Starting €500 (tax not included)

Blastoff Digital-Design-Development-Moodle-Apps

Post-Launch Support Stage Options

On demand support

As soon as you come aware of any issue
we can give you a solution with a quote in
order to get things solved from the following generic issues:

✓ Moodle technical issues

✓ Moodle updates

✓ Hosting setup issues

✓ Starting €250 (tax not included)

Monthly support coverage

As an alternative, we can layout
monitoring and maintenance plan
departing from this common preventive
task types:

✓ Moodle Hosting monitoring and auto-backup

✓ Moodle admin technical assistance

✓ Moodle admin management assistance

✓  Starting €500 (tax not included)

Project kick-off basic requirements

A working domain

Ask for our advice on our
preferred domain

A hosting account 

Ask for our advice on
our preferred hosting providers.

Contents ready to go

We need all contents properly defined before we begin editing your course.

We commit to essential standards.

Blastoff Digital-Design-Development-Moodle-Apps

Project Planning

Through learning and researching your business and industry we start shaping all technical aspects of the plan to be offered on your project.

Blastoff Digital-Design-Development-Moodle-Apps

Resource Management

We integrate resources needed for specific situations within your project, taking into account factors such as time and costs aiming to be one step ahead of any problem.

Blastoff Digital-Design-Development-Moodle-Apps


We recognize the diversity of technologies and devices in the world today, that is why we apply standardized testing during the development process.

Blastoff Digital-Design-Development-Moodle-Apps


We accompany our developments throughout the lifecycle of a code, offering preventive and corrective stack support always needed within a digital project.

Any questions about our offer?

Start a conversation on the chat bubble.
We respond 10 to 18 CET. Monday thru Friday.

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