CASE STUDY: QR Rating Tool App

For this project we collaborated with QR Dir Was from Austria. They specialize in providing QR based marketing solutions for restaurants specifically oriented to promote online reviews through rewards from clients.

So for them we designed and developed a PWA Mobile Browser App oriented to online review promotions for restaurants. We designed the mobile views of the App with the goal of providing a generic look and feel that would be applicable for different businesses through a minimalistic and simple user interface.

The App was planned to follow the following dynamic:

1-users access the App by scanning a QR code

2-on App opening, user logins with facebook account or Mobile number, user details saved on the backend.

3-a button to follow the Facebook page will be displayed- user clicks a link that opens Google my Business review page- When users return to the App, it will be asked to enter the email used to post the review.

4-The backend will attempt to validate if the review exists, using the user detail.Admin Web App- list to search registered reviews.

The app was developed with Angular applying Firebase for all backend services.

Also integrating the Google Places API for the localization of a restaurant and hosted (deployed) on Google Cloud.

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